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The Childcare Company offers fully recognised vocational qualifications and apprenticeships in Childcare, Supporting Teaching and Learning in
Schools and Playwork using their award-winning online training programme, the Laser. Along with this online learning program they also provide full Tutor support, delivering access to teaching and learning resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where learners are guided by one of a team of expert Tutors from the moment they start their course.

Business need:

The Childcare Company have a team of key workers, including Home Based Assessor and Business Generation Management that require home working facilities. Staff members were not satisfied with the quality of mobile phone calls to learners and employers, and after spending extensive time trying to resolve this with network providers, the team decided to investigate alternative ways to make necessary phone calls. Home telephone lines were not a possibility as it would prove problematic in terms of privacy, out of hours returned call and call cost rebilling problems.


The team at Evoke Telecom immediately identified the problem as a mix of mobility, flexible working tools and number identity. The solution lay in providing The Childcare Company with a block of local geographic numbers to reflect the Langley location of head office and to flex the functionality (namely Remote Office) availible via the Gamma Horizon cloud telephony product.


Gamma Horizon Remote Office from Evoke Telecom has provided The Childcare Company with a solution that offers the flexibility of office, remote and even home working for key mobile workers.

When making a call the user is able to chose which device each call is made from as they work. For example whilst working at home a call can be made via the users home telephone, with the recipient seeing the calling number as the team members new individual business number. Returned calls are also easily managed, be it back to the home phone, a mobile, even the company switchboard, with complete control and flexibility. What's more, dialling is easy with calls set up on the laptop with simple 'cut n paste' and 'click to dial'.

By also supplying a block of individual business telephone numbers for these mobile workers the challenge of privacy between home and business
numbers has been overcome. With billing for these numbers going back directly, employees no longer have to worry about funding and recharging business calls back to The Childcare Company.

As for telephony, Remote Office enables the mobile worker to manage everything from their business laptop via a secure web interface. This has meant
that The Childcare Company has not had to invest in new kit or go to the expense of putting new telephone lines into employees' homes and personal offices.

Finally, when a team member goes on leave or is away from the office they simply divert their business number back to the company switchboard or to a supporting team member.

Gamma Horizon Remote Office from Evoke Telecom delivering flexibility and efficiency to The Childcare Company.


"Using the new system via Evoke Telecom has made making calls now a pleasure as it is easy to use and allows me to keep a track of my calls during the day. The service provided by David and his team is fantastic and they are always there to help when I don't understand something."
Sarah Harden - Business Generation Manager, The Childcare Company
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