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Reliable and Superfast Connectivity

Evoke offers the very latest market leading Broadband and Superfast connectivity solutions to a wide range of businesses across the United Kingdom. We only partner with market leading suppliers to guarantee safe, secure and reliable connectivity options to suit every business use case.

Business Fibre Broadband

Evoke offers FTTC, FTTP and GFAST services.

FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet)

A popular and widely available service offering a fibre connection from your nearest exchange point to the closest roadside box and then a copper connection for the remaining distance to your premises. FTTC can offer speeds of up to 40/10 or 80/20.

FTTP (Fibre to the premises)

Offers full fibre broadband from your nearest exchange point, directly to your premises. FTTP can offer speeds from 40mbps to 1Gbps.


Why not upgrade your FTTC connectivity to the very latest GFAST service, achieving speeds of up to four times faster than FTTC for a more cost- effective price than a dedicated fibre circuit.

FTTC/FTTP/GFAST speeds aren’t 100% guaranteed, they will vary depending on the number of other premises sharing your line and the distance you are from the roadside cabinet. Extreme weather conditions could also affect your speeds.

If you run a business-critical operation or it is imperative that you have full reliability and consistent speeds then a dedicated Leased Line would be the technology to invest in.

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Leased Line Technology

Leased Lines

Delivering high speed connections and guaranteed bandwidth, leased lines (or private circuits) are critical for businesses demanding consistent and uncontended bandwidth. Commercials for dedicated leased lines have reduced considerably in recent times, making a dedicated leased line a more affordable option for business looking to maximise operational performance at an achievable entry point.


Evoke are also able to provide Gigabit leased lines as part of the ‘CityFibre’ GIGABIT CORE network, a brand-new purpose-built fibre-network currently being rolled out throughout the United Kingdom.

SDN (Software Defined Networks)

Enables the dynamic and efficient management of network performance. Customers have the the ability to access their own circuit and configuration settings via a portal, providing network performance analysis and the ability to make instant changes.

Move your business connectivity to Evoke

Transferring existing or ordering brand new Business Broadband or connectivity services from Evoke couldn’t be easier. We can provide an instant summary of options available to you in the geographical areas that you require services. All we need is the postcode/s of the premises you would like the services to be operational at.

The Evoke team can offer free, no obligation guidance and advice to business looking for one single Business Broadband Connection to multi-site or geographically dispersed locations. We have helped many organisations create an effective connectivity strategy to support homeworking as well as provided a fully managed consolidation service for organisations looking to streamline current supply chain.

  • Competitive tariffs
  • Market leading providers
  • Latest technologies – GFAST & CityFibre
  • SDN network monitoring
  • Instant service availability check
  • Simple seamless transfer of existing servicesMulti-supplier consolidation

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