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What is a SIM only plan?

A SIM only plan is a ‘hardware free’ contract that provides you with an allowance of data, minutes and texts for a monthly charge

If you are happy with your current phone and don't need a handset upgrade once your existing
contract is up, you could save a lot of money by switching to a SIM only plan.

If you do require a handset upgrade, it often works out cheaper to buy a new phone outright and then subscribe to a SIM only plan. Our Evoke mobile connectivity SIM only plans are designed to be able to flex to meet your needs.

We can provide connections on all the 3 main networks, O2 Vodafone and EE, offering voice, data and voice and data packages for individual or group share deals.

Many of our corporate customers encounter coverage issues if they are tied to a single network. We can mix and match providers for you to ensure the best coverage in each area whilst still providing clear and simple consolidated billing.

We also offer Mobile Device Management Services to enable you to control access, content and security, providing peace of mind for yourself and the mobile users throughout your organisation.

Evoke SIM Only Plans Benefits

  • Data and minutes

    We can provide pooled data and minutes to ensure you get the most from your plan.

  • Text packages

    We can tailor your text packages to suit individual requirements in line with expected usage or provide unlimited bundles.

  • No tie-in

    Terms can be as short as 30 days – or we can offer further commercial advantages, if you are happy to take one of our attractive 24-month options.

  • Built-in contract management

    No need to manage your own mobile fleet via web portals and on spreadsheets – we do all of that for you.

  • Unlimited voice and SMS deals

    from just £8.00 per month.

  • Unlimited voice and SMS deals with mobile data

    available from just £12.00 per month.

  • MDM

    Mobile Device Management services available via our ‘manage my device’ service.

  • Your mobile needs sorted

    All your mobile needs from one fabulous provider – Evoke Telecom.

Get a quote for SIM Only Plans

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