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Across the globe, the need to record user conversations continues to rise in support of the Contact Centre, Trading Floor, Front-Office, Back-Office and increasing Remote workforces. As regulation around capturing and managing employee and customer interactions also continues to grow, having a reliable recording solution becomes a necessity.

We partner with intelligent, industry compliant best of breed, call recording solutions, compatible with most phone platforms, ensuring you can confidently cover all your recording needs.

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Call Recording Benefits

  • Comprehensive Industry Compliance

    Our call recording solutions can be FCA, PCI DSS, MiFID II, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant out of the box. Layered with advanced security policies and features.

  • Microsoft Teams Compliance

    With the move towards remote working, Microsoft Teams has become one of the de facto communication tools. Our solutions provide compliant recording to Microsoft Teams.

  • Speech Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

    Your business is made up of conversations, each containing insight to power your growth and protect your business. Our automated speech analytics and artificial intelligence solutions enable you to transcribe and analyse the customer experience, identifying calls that may damage your reputation and empowering your staff to perform at their best.

  • Quality Measurement

    Our quality management tools allow you to score performance based on individuals, departments, sites, and overall. Ensure your employees are following the correct business protocols whilst at the same time identify any training or development needs.

  • CRM Integrations

    View recordings directly from your CRM.  Use our many off-the-shelf integrations, like Salesforce, or use our API to get exactly what you need.

Find out more about call recording

If you would like more information or a quote for our Evoke Call Recording solutions, please get in touch. Enter your contact details and a member of our team will contact you shortly to build a free quote, tailored to your business.

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