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Supercharge your WhatsApp for Business with OmniChat

By Laura Swatton | April 17, 2024

First, there was WhatsApp, a chat app service officially launched in November 2009 (1). It has skyrocketed to become the world’s most popular messaging platform, with over 2 billion monthly users (2); and every day more than 100 billion messages are sent on WhatsApp, talk about impressive (2). WhatsApp for Business empowers businesses to build […]

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Evoke Telecom Customer Service Portal login

Mar 21 2024

Welcome to the Evoke Telecom Online Customer Service Portal

At Evoke Telecom we are constantly looking for ways to enhance and improve your experience with us, and our new customer service portal does just that. Our portal is your gateway to a dedicated hub for real-time support, issue resolution, and keeping up-to-date with service announcements. From our Customer Service Portal, you can: Raise new […]
Evoke Telecom Call Transcription

Feb 27 2024

Elevate your Call Recordings with AI-Powered Call Transcript

In our fast-paced world, effective communication is the cornerstone of success for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We’ve all seen the evolution from note-taking during phone calls to the introduction of call recording, but these recordings have transformed into valuable insights, all thanks to AI-powered call transcripts. But what exactly does this mean for […]

May 19 2022

Free Hotel Management Software with your Wildix telephone system.

Many smaller hotels and Guest Houses simply cannot afford their own PMS software. Wildix has overcome this issue by building free of charge Hotel Management Software into their cloud telephone system.

May 6 2022

Headset free home working with the exciting new Convey speakerphone ~ for your laptop!

As hybrid working becomes a way of life, home workers are having to rethink the way they use their new laptop based communications. We have gone through a cycle of:- Using the speakers and microphones already built into our laptops As these are generally poor home workers have then progressed to headsets But as headsets […]

May 6 2022

Evoke Telecom launch a new Router Assurance Service

Can you imagine not being able to access your Email, CRM, Accountancy Software, Ticketing, Live Chat and even your Business Telecommunications? As lockdown eases and employees return to the office, focus returns to the availability of your office internet services. The internet is accessed via your broadband, with your Broadband Router acting as the gateway […]
Avaya Spaces workstream collaboration solutions on a mobile phone, tablet and laptop

May 28 2021

Avaya launches new collaboration devices and new Spaces features

This month’s Avaya product update focuses on the launch of new collaboration devices and new Spaces features.

May 20 2021

Is it a good idea to put all your communications eggs in one basket?

With many organisations reviewing their current communications and digital transformation strategies, is an ‘end to end’ Microsoft Teams strategy the right approach?

May 3 2021

NEW Wildix x-caracal: Care for and control the performance of your sales team

This month’s Wildix product update focuses on the brand-new call centre monitoring and analytics from Wildix.

Apr 3 2021

Headset Housekeeping: How often should you replace your headset cushion pads for your team members?

Replacing the cushion pads on your headset is often way down on the list of organisational priorities, but this bit of tech equipment housekeeping should be a regular occurrence.
A female call centre employee at a desk speaking into a telephone headset

Mar 22 2021

Make it easier for customers to engage with your organisation with a new breed of CCaaS

This month’s product update focusses on the brand-new Horizon Contact Cloud based, omni-channel contact centre.
A male employee sat on the floor at home working on a laptop, with a young child in his lap.

Mar 19 2021

Hybrid Working: High on the agenda for 70% of UK businesses

How businesses are shifting from forced ‘home working’ to planned ‘hybrid working’ strategies to underpin their future success.
A woman working at a laptop from her brightly coloured kitchen

Mar 12 2021

“Work in their shoes”: Setting the gold template for customer service

Only by working in your customers shoes can you deliver the levels of customer service they now expect

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