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St Peter & St Paul Academy

About St Peter & St Paul Academy

St Peter & St Paul CE Academy, is situated in the Charnwood town of Syston in Leicestershire. Proud of its close links to the village church (which itself dates back to the 15th century) and the local community, the school strives via a team of dedicated staff to provide a happy and secure environment where pupils can thrive and realise their full potential.

Ever mindful of changing times, the school keeps up to date with new technologies and recognises the importance of investment where improved conditions or practices can be delivered for the benefit of both staff and pupils.

The Challenges

The school had been running for many years with an old and dated telephone system. This system was offering the school little more than calls in and out and an answerphone.

As a consequence school staff often found themselves working around the system, manually passing messages where the old telephone system came up short. In particular the lack of functionality in the old telephone system was meaning that the reception and front office staff could often find themselves stretched at busy times, particularly when dealing with absences and absence reporting.

The Solution

Working closely with Evoke Telecom, the team at the school, led by the Business Manager Gaylene Sanders, explored the different features that a new telephone system might deliver. Several options were reviewed to understand how they might support the day to day challenges of managing a Primary Academy.

Driving a typically tight school budget, Gaylene was keen to ensure that all solutions being evaluated should deliver cost savings over the existing solution, and make sound commercial sense for the approving Senior Leadership Team and Board of Governors at the school. The Ericsson-LG eMG80 iPECS clearly stood out as the best solution to meet the school’s needs.

From the outset it was clear that the Ericsson-LG eMg80 iPECS could deliver the functionality that the team required at a pricing point that would offer exceptional value for the school. The new system would provide:

  • an Auto Attendant for helpful call routing
  • voicemail and voicemail to email
  • information or music for callers on hold
  • on demand call recording
  • a night service solution

What is more, the team was also able to select handsets suited to their individual requirements, be it full functionality for reception and front office through to simple budget handsets for school classrooms and ancillary areas.

The Benefits

St Peter & St Paul CE Academy now has a telephone system that directs callers exactly to where they want to go without the need for every call to be answered by the front office team.

Absences are effectively managed by the school telephone system. Reported absences are recorded and delivered as .wav files into the school office email inbox and then conveniently filed for future reference and retrieval. The new system now offers a friendly background environment, be it music or message, for callers waiting on hold.

The night service deploys automatically and offers calling and answering options once the school office is closed at the end of the day or week.

Finally, the team now have access to call recording facilities should they find themselves managing a call that might require a different form of management or approach.

All of this being delivered at a lower price than was being paid for the previous aged telephone system.

Evoke Telecom Services and Ericsson-LG’s iPECS telephony, delivering a powerful communications solution for St Peter & St Paul CE Academy.

“The team at Evoke provided a personal service that you rarely find these days. They installed a new telephone system for us with all the options we needed to ensure that our communication with parents and the wider community is effective and easy to use.

David kept in touch regularly to make sure that everything was going well and that we had everything we needed. The technicians that installed the system were efficient and friendly and nothing was too much trouble for them. Follow-up support has been excellent and we are now negotiating to move our line rental and calls to Evoke.”

Gaylene Sanders
School Business Manager, St Peter & St Paul CE Academy

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