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Evoke regularly reviews its solutions’ portfolio to ensure that customers access the best quality and value." - James Clarke, CEO of JPL Telecom

Evoke supply a wide range of business headsets to support office, home working, remote working or blended environments. Whilst purchasing headsets might at first seem a simple task, there are several factors to consider before making your purchase to ensure a ‘best fit for purpose’ result.

Checklist: Choosing a business headset

Here are the six key areas we consider when helping our customers make the most suitable choice.

  • Compatible

    Is the headset and adaptor cords compatible with the technology the employee is using it with?

  • Environment

    Is the headset suitable for the environment it is being used in? Is the office or home noisy? Does the employee need to move around the room whilst they are on a call?

  • Comfort

    Is the headset comfortable and of a high quality, durable build?

  • Protection

    Does the employee need to transport the headset from office to home safely?

  • Budget

    What is the best product to fit my budget requirements?

  • Timescales

    How quickly do you need delivery of your order?

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