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SIM Free Mobile Handsets

What is a SIM Free handset?

A SIM free handset is a ‘hardware only’ option where you can purchase an unlocked mobile handset of your choice upfront, without a network or fixed contract being attached to the phone. This gives you the flexibility to decide which network you would like to use, based on coverage for your area or personal preference.

By purchasing a SIM free mobile handset upfront and combining this with a SIM only deal for your data, minutes and texts, you can reduce your monthly bills without committing to a long- term contract.

We are finding that many organisations are choosing this buying strategy to replace the more traditional company- wide refreshes with large upfront hardware funds and long-term contract commitments. Companies are also favouring hardware replacement as and when needed which is both cost-effective and more environmentally friendly.

Our SIM free handset options from all the major manufacturers are unlocked and contract free with options for more specialist and ruggedised environments. We offer a free of charge audit of your current mobile estate to help you identify the best strategy for your business and where you can make savings.

Evoke SIM Free Mobile Handset Benefits

  • Unlocked and contract free

    Our handsets are provided unlocked and contract free giving you ultimate freedom to choose your network of choice.

  • All operating systems supported

    iOS, Android and Windows devices available.

  • Great choice of handsets

    Wide range of all major manufacturer’s models. Android handsets from as low as £ 69.00.

  • Specialist ruggedised handsets

    Amazing range of specialist handsets from TUFF with a 12-month screen replacement warranty, starting from just £ 200.00.

  • Free audit

    Contact us today for your free audit of your current mobile estate to identify costs savings and recommendations.

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