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The need for effective school communications is becoming an increasingly important challenge for boards, governors and senior leadership teams across the UK.

Events on school campuses in the USA and a sharp rise in knife crime in both the UK and mainland Europe has resulted in a renewed focus on public safety and with it, a demand for solutions that support a safer environment within our schools and colleges.

Samurai swords, axes and air guns are among the 2,579 weapons seized from schools in England and Wales [in the two years to March 2017], Freedom of Information requests have shown.

Ten-to-17-year-olds represent roughly 20% of those cautioned or convicted of knife offences [in England and Wales].

The majority of violent incidents involving children aged 10 - 15 occur around schools in daylight, and 81% lead to injury. Around 8% resulted in serious injury.

~ BBC News.

Never before has there been such a need for timely communication, responsiveness or the ability to instantly communicate with multiple groups across a school campus or multi-site learning establishment.

Many schools continue to operate with old and dated telephone systems, whilst wrestling with the increasing challenges presented by Government regulation and Ofsted requirements.

It is therefore our view that school telephone systems need to offer a full and seamless access between the School, its students, their parents, the School’s service suppliers and the emergency services, should they be needed. We also recognise that every school is different, each with their own specific needs and requirements. And of course, all of this must be achieved within ever tightening budgets.

Today, schools and colleges need technology that will enable them to integrate and securely manage a series of safety scenarios, including: -

  • Lock down
  • Evacuation
  • Reverse evacuation
  • Lock out
  • Lock in

With this in mind we provide schools and colleges of all sizes with a communications platform that has been designed to meet their own unique needs.

With a wealth of experience and expertise in the education sector, Evoke Telecom offer telephone systems and solutions that can also help your school or college to work smarter, more efficiently, to be more environmentally friendly and to save money.

What is more, with the increasing emergence of trusts, we also offer solutions that can deliver a single shared service across or between campuses

At Evoke Telecom, we are focused on improving student outcomes and enabling schools to have access to technology that can support and transform the way people teach and learn.

All of this is achieved in a safer school environment.

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Alternatively, take a look at what schools and colleges up and down the UK have to say about their experience of working with the team at Evoke Telecom.

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