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Enable Calls in Microsoft Teams using your existing PBX phone system or SIP Trunks in minutes

With 258 million paid seats for Office 365, which includes access to Microsoft Teams and 75 million daily active users of Microsoft Teams during the Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses are now looking at their longer-term options to incorporate a more permanent voice, video and team collaboration strategy into their business, ideally using the technologies they have already invested in.

This is an area of many moving parts and no ‘one size fits all’ solution. There are also several factors to consider to ensure your overall strategy ticks all of the boxes across the wider business needs in terms of functionality, service delivery and compliance.

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A fantastic integration to Teams under normal circumstances, however with the current scenarios facing remote working for the majority, especially within the education space, this has transformed how we can deliver and support our students

Gareth Ferris​
IT Systems & Infrastructure Manager
Evoke can provide a simple add-on to Office 365 that connects Microsoft Teams to any PBX or SIP Trunk in minutes allowing calls to be made and received in the Microsoft Teams App.

Enable calls in Microsoft Teams by choosing one of the three options

  1. Using your existing PBX Phone System
  2. Using your existing SIP Lines
  3. Using Microsoft 365 Business Voice

We have created a simple comparison guide to help you understand which option will best suit your business needs and future voice strategy.

Protect my recent or significant investment in existing voice, video or collaboration infrastructure Yes Yes No
Keep my existing Call Centre or compliance/analytic features Yes Yes No
Don’t want to put all eggs in one basket Yes Yes No
Want to consolidate to a single Microsoft brand for voice, video & collaboration No No Yes
Running Microsoft Exchange Yes Yes No
Have more than 300 users Yes Yes No
Need compliant/continuous call recording Yes Yes No
Existing voice infrastructure requires a refresh No No Ask for more info
Need to devise a futureproof homeworking strategy for some or all employees Yes Yes Yes
Need Fax to Email Yes Yes No

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At Evoke, we are working with many businesses that are at varying stages of their voice, video, collaboration and homeworking implementation strategies.

We understand that every business has unique challenges and requirements and whilst we have created some simple qualification criteria, we would welcome an opportunity to understand more about your business and how we can enable Microsoft Teams integration in the most effective and practical way.

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