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Hardware, Virtual and Cloud

Wildix PBX is available as Physical or Virtual appliance or in the Cloud. Wildix software is fully integrated into the hardware which helps avoid problems related to third-party product integration.

Multiple Wildix systems can be connected to provide a single global cluster. All the telephony features are included in the Wildix PBX without purchasing additional licenses.

  • Standard rack 19”
  • 4 network interfaces
  • SSD – solid state drive

Wildix Software can be Virtualized on any environment, including VMware or any Linux platform. Virtual environments allow more flexibility in configuration in the server farm and ensure the continuity of the services.

All the Wildix Unified Communications features are available also in the cloud. Cloud PBXs are activated with one click via the management interface.

You can add a physical on-premise PBX for failover.

WMS Network

Multisite Support

You can connect your PBXs, even those located in different cities and countries, via WMS Network – the network of intra-company communication in order to create one seamless and transparent communication environment in all the offices of your company.

In a Wildix Network, one PBX takes up the functions of the Server PBX. All the updates taking place on any Client PBX, become first known to the Server PBX and then, in real-time this information is passed to all the Clients. With WMS Network communication between users is free of charge (except for the Internet connection costs). Each user can connect to the system from any office of the company keeping the same internal number and account settings.

By choosing Wildix you choose a complete solution: Fax Server and Failover are by default integrated into Wildix phone system without any additional licenses.

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Media Gateways & SIP W-PA

Wildix offers a full range of media gateways (PRI, BRI, FXO, FXS, GSM – LTE), that offers flexibility and scalability in the architecture of the enterprise communication system. W-PA is a Public Announcer and a SIP Paging Gateway, fully integrated into the Wildix Unified Communication System.

  • PRI / BRI / FXS / FXO / GSM models
  • Fast configuration thanks to auto-provisioning
  • Fax over IP support
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • SMS sending with DaySaver
  • SIP-PA Public Announce
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Switches and Extender PoE

Wildix offers a wide variety of switches that ensure the best performance of the enterprise’s VoIP network: PoE Gigabit Switches and Switches with Fibre ports. Wildix Switches integrate Gigabit Ethernet, 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet and 10 Mbps Ethernet network capabilities.

  • Switch 5 – 24 ports Gigabit PoE
  • Standard “Green Ethernet“
  • Energy-Efficient Ethernet (IEEE802.3az)
  • 16-port SFP Gigabit Switch
  • RS232 Interface
  • VDSL Extender PoE
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