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Capture, analyse and act on call information throughout your organisation with call reporting

Make more informed business decisions, manage remote workers, increase sales, reduce costs and improve customer service and satisfaction with our industry leading real-time and historic Call Reporting & Management software.

The software gives access to a user-friendly portal which is accessed via a web browser, enabling you to see all available call information and reports, in one place, from wherever you are located.

Recurring reports can be automatically scheduled and emailed to recipients, as and when you need them.

iCall suite call reporting dashboard

Call Reporting Benefits

  • Remote Worker Visibility

    Working in conjunction with the Evoke remote worker telephony solutions, Call Reporting gives you the vital information your managers and team leaders need to pro-actively and efficiently manage distributed teams with fair and consistent performance metrics.

  • Retain Customers

    Monitor and measure customer service levels to ensure exemplary customer service is always delivered. Manage by exception where customer service levels haven’t been met and pro-actively engage with your customers to explain what went wrong.

  • Increase Sales

    Recover missed business opportunities with reports that capture missed customer calls from both during and after hours. Have instant access to the missed call phone number, time of call and the number the caller was dialling.

    Assign your marketing campaigns a unique phone number and measure the success over any given time period.

  • Meet SLA’s

    Gain insight into how quickly calls are answered, how many calls are transferred, how long staff spend on each call and benchmark against the wider team performance to increase individual productivity, provide optimum customer service and identify any training needs.

  • Reduce Costs

    Identify spikes in call traffic and match your future staffing levels to call volume trends. Highlight unusual behaviour that might indicate fraud.

Find out more about call reporting

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