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Tower Trading Group (TTG)

About Tower Trading Group

Tower Trading Group (TTG) is a leading, value add services provider to the Professional Trading Community, providing facilitation, market access, technology, risk management solutions, business support and education to Traders and Trading Groups.

Established in 2008, from its headquarters in Tower 42, London, Tower Trading Group today supports over 200 professional trading clients across the globe, trading multiple derivatives markets and encompassing multiple time zones via its FCA Regulated proprietary trading subsidiary, TTG Capital Limited.

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The Business Challenges

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, TTG were forced to change how and where they worked which was a complex task for an organisation heavily governed by regulatory compliance.

From a communications perspective, TTG were using a self-hosted cloud telephony solution with traditional desk phones. This solution had been designed and configured to support employees working from their main company office location.

At the beginning of the pandemic, after starting to experience some platform stability issues, TTG were informed by their legacy communications provider that their cloud telephony solution would be no longer supported by them and would be turned off within a few months.

They were offered a migration to a new public/multi-tenanted cloud platform which unfortunately couldn’t meet their regulatory compliance requirements.

TTG engaged with Evoke to address their immediate requirements to deliver flexible working for all their employees and to replace their unstable and end of support system.

Some of the key business needs that Evoke worked with TTG to address were:

  • TTG’s legacy call recording data was stored on several platforms which made it cumbersome to fulfil any regulatory compliance requests.
  • All elements of TTG’s communication must be controlled, FCA and GDPR compliant.
  • All forms of communication whether this be voice, video or text chat must be encrypted, recorded, and retained for 7 years.

TTG were also focussed on driving their digitalisation strategy and the adoption of new and emerging technologies to bring in operational efficiencies, enhance speed to market and deliver superior customer experiences.

The timelines for implementation of a new future proof solution were short and further compounded by COVID-19 being in full swing and the current system repeatedly crashing.

TTG could see major issues coming down the track if the right solution wasn’t found in a timely fashion and they wanted to work with a partner that understood their business and their priorities.

The Solution

Evoke recommended the highly secure Wildix Web-RTC platform to TTG which ticked every box with regards to their remote working, bespoke communications, mandatory compliance, and digitalisation strategy requirements.

Evoke engineered remote working features so that staff working from home could only access the compliant features.

Evoke took legacy and existing call recordings and fed them into a single compliant web- based platform.

Evoke re-used as many of their existing devices as possible such as conference phones and Gigaset DECT phones.

Soft phones were deployed for home workers which provide one click, secure connectivity to the main system at Tower 42.

With the known instability of the legacy cloud system, the solution build was completed in advance to ensure it could be deployed at short notice, if required. When the existing platform started to fail, the Evoke team were able to deploy the new solution several weeks ahead of planned schedule to their remote teams using intelligent number management.

Full migration a couple of weeks later was extremely smooth, despite the port of more than 50 regional numbers and the complex data consolidation of four fragmented call recording databases.

The Benefits

  • The new Wildix solution has completely revolutionised the way TTG work. With TTG’s own instance of Wildix containerised cloud, the solution has been personalised to their exacting needs.

  • It has provided a GDPR/FCA compliant, fully up to date and future proofed solution for all office and home workers.

  • The Compliance team can access any recording, at any time, anywhere using AWS/RAMP call recording platform.

  • Call recording can’t be turned off by any user on any device which ensures that compliance isn’t compromised at any point.

  • Built in call reporting as standard has provided TTG with key performance metrics for remote workers and key customer service KPI’s.

  • With a simplified licencing model and one single web interface to manage internal & external communication across multiple channels, each TTG user can have up to 10 instances of Wildix on the same licence allowing for true flexibility of endpoint device.

  • TTG’s technical team have been empowered with greater control of the platform and can easily make instant configuration and routing changes ‘in house’.

  • Previous investment has been protected, and the lifecycle of the hardware extended with the integration of some existing legacy devices such as conference phones and Gigaset DECT handsets.

  • In summary, the Evoke team have provided TTG with a fully compliant, flexible working communications platform for data, voice and application integration that is both future proofed and aligned to their digitalisation goals.

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“Prior to engaging with Evoke, TTG were accustomed to using traditional style desk phone handsets in our company office space, having evolved from legacy ISDN30s with self-hosted telephony, to various implementations of VOIP from a range of providers.

Like many businesses, the COVID19 pandemic forced a change to TTG’s ways of working which in turn prompted a review of the existing system. It quickly became apparent that the Wildix product suite would offer significant improvements and future potential uses both in and out of the office with the rich feature set.

Wildix has ultimately revolutionised TTG’s telephony abilities in all departments with its suite of equipment, software and apps. It has simplified the licensing model and empowered TTG’s technical team with greater control.

Evoke have provided an unrivalled service from the initial sales presentation, having fully understood TTG’s business needs and offering solutions to maintain the firm’s ongoing regulatory obligations. Having now been fully onboarded, the service continues to be faultless. The Evoke team are always responsive and clearly pride themselves on their service levels.”

Chris Ryan
Head of IT, Tower Trading Group

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